Makii: So Nissa I heard it’s interview time, like what is this supposed to be anyway?

Nissa: Well- to be frank with you I’m also kind of confused… I guess we should say hello?

Makii: Okay since I am the extrovert here I am going ahead, *breathes in silently*

Nissa: *nods in introvert*

Makii: Wait, will this be on the front page?

Nissa: I guess so

Makii: *sets the mic louder* THEN I GUESS I WILL GO AHEAD, HEY HEEEY HEEY!


sa: hey 




Makii:I  destroyed the document, sorry…

Nissa: *sighs* how do we fix this now? I think we’re already making  the wrong impression

Makii: Nevermind I heard this is a practice so who cares it will not get on the front page for sure so let’s just ignore it and talk one so nobody notices

Nissa: Right, right, so… what now?

Makii: *confident smirk* Now now, guess what I heard two peeps are starting a blog and are about to show off, what do you think?

Nissa: Ohh~ is that so? I must have heard the same thing then! Is this the mystical place??

Makii: I heard some pages ahead you will get to it, you know it’s kind of some mysterious rumour going on, like if you read on more than five posts or something the authors will suddenly appear and– *silence*

Nissa: *anxiously looks around* what just happened?! Where did she go?!

Makii: ah… my internet broke down again sorry, what I wanted to say is they seem to have quite the bond I heard to start a blog together

Makii: You can hear them mumble “I art thou.”

Nissa: “Thou art I!”

Nissa: So these guys we’re talking about, they’re starting a blog? What might it be about?

Makii: It’s all about their husbando harem and some girls they simp on *turns around* What do you mean I am not supposed to say that? 

Nissa: There could be children!! *ehem* Yes, so what else is it about?

Makii: *puts on glasses and takes out the cards Nissa prepared for her* 

Makii: In this society we live in, two authors with big dream established this very website to show off their love– *turn around and nods* their intellect, I meant intellect-

Nissa: Why did you just choke on the word women, and wrote down authors instead???

Makii: *shoves glasses in a intelligent manner to hide the fact she choked* Look kid, as an author I have to establish a kind of mysterious air, alright? It’s called pull and push.

Nissa: WELL! People will now either be amazed or terrified by us so, um *coughs* these women write about stuff? Any kind of stuff?

Makii: …

Makii: *whispers* Dude mysterious air!

Makii: *coughs* Yes, these authors have a variety of posts ready to let you dive into the depths of a psychological adventure *throws away cards* Okay look they won’t buy this anyway can’t we just say we want to write about anime and husbandos and stuff?

Nissa: Isn’t that our whole life anyway? We talk about anime, games and stuff and talk about it with no time limit right?

Makii: On the other hand sometimes there are those urge posts about certain characters that want to be released to this world and create MADNESS, I mean yeah kind of.

Makii: … I wish the time limit thing was true though….

Nissa: We literally send each other batches of voicemails though… BUT HEY now we get a cool platform to share our thoughts! *grins happily*

Makii: *looks confused* Sorry Ma’am I have never seen you before I was simply telling you about two other authors, got me?

Nissa: RIGHT! right- uhm- yes we are talking about COMPLETELY different people here *ehem* yes. YEs.

Makii: But I heard the smaller one was cute though, if you mention Oikawa she might give you the right amount of information you want– THAT’S JUST WHAT THE RUMOURS SAY.

Nissa: I can confirm that rumour *winks* I MEAN, yea just don’t mention emotionally unavailable characters to that other beanpole (I’m looking at you Hawks)

Makii: Beanpole? Ah you mean the one with the kink of– huh what do you mean time up? I was just about to spill the good part…

Nissa: TIME OUT! I MEAN TIMES UP- *pheww* Uh- yea. No kinks here.

Makii: Sheesh… ah well nevermind. Okay guys, with that a big welcome to our fresh new blog we will try to deliver fine juicy posts for you to savour and, and… I had a point here somewhere

Nissa: *searches for the point* oH! You mean this one? *picks it up* Ah~ the readers can get ready for a myriad of various posts here?

Makii: yeah sure if that helps me finish my point, I guess it’s that. Don’t forget about various series, fanficitions, headcanons and several other things that will come up here sooner or later and not only posts.

Nissa: Oh boy! That sounds amazing? Is there- (O-O) Is there a catch?

Makii: You mean the 99 Dollar rip-off *turns around and gets nervous* It’S fOr FrEe(!!) I heard at least (manager told us not to rip-off people…)

Nissa: (we have a manager? I ate chips on the first meeting-… I don’t remember anything) 

Makii: (yeah but he went to Shiratorizawa and never came back so he kind of left me his last will)

Nissa: (Don’t tell Oikawa he’ll just get upset… So what else do we need to tell them?)

Makii: (how about our favourite snacks- ah no we can’t we don’t have any fans yet)

Nissa. I mean it can’t hurt right? Uh- I like chips (Honey Budha) and like- uhm… 250k slowburn fanfiction… oh wait that’s not a snack is it?

Makii: My favourite snack is Ush– (Run the manager is coming!)

Nissa. *runs* Now you’ve done it!! I thought I’m the kinky one???

Makii: I told you I was talking about the authors  not us. *turns mic louder* SEE YOU NEXT EDITION WHEN IT’S INTERVIEW TIME WITH MAKII AND

Nissa: NISSA! See you on the next side/page/post! 

Makii: (Hey run he is coming- omg!) *throws mic at Nissa and screeches while running away* I WAS TRYING WITH THE SCRIPT BUT IT DIDN’T WORK FOR ME!

Nissa. *mic thuds against her head* OUCH! *runs after Makii* JUST STICK TO IT NEXT TIME! HELP!